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Try also you

...the beauty of the horse bets and sport with our agency.

Directed from the race courses of all the world, odds modernized in real time, poster data transmissions with all the performances, beyond 50 monitor, 4 emplacements Slot Machine, air-conditioned, bar, wide parking.

Starting today the possibility to bet from your house with the new SnaiCard delivery totally free through Post (also to the foreign country) or picking him up near our agency, executing the played ones by telephone, on the Internet with the management card in our site Snai and in digitalis land directly from the directed remote control with every day's race of the "National Tris" on Sportitalia channel.

Possibility of deposit(at least Euro 15/00) and withdrawal(at least Euro 50/00, whit price operation of Euro 3/00) through banking discount with receipt sended by fax(only for Italy) or email indicating the number account of card and/or free of charge near all the shops of the connected agency and its.

And moreover new the Quartè and Quintè, National TRIS, Totocalcio, Totogol, "9", Big Match, Big Race, Big Show, Bets on the indices of Ag, Multiples to Reference to fixed odds and totalizer, Bets on the political elections, Formula 1, Motorcycling,Cycling, Miss Italy, Sanremo Festival, Movies, the television Reality Show (BigBrother, theFattoria, Music Farm), Scratch&Win online, directed from the Race Courses on SnaiSat and more.

Sympathy and enjoy are waiting for you.

For who want's to make publicity on our site www.bettingandbetting.com please contact:
Carlino Luigi
P.IVA 08626361003
E-mail : luigicarlino@libero.it

How to demande and activate the SnaiCard:
Send a E-mail to luigicarlino@libero.it demanding the number of the Card; after you must do the first deposit and send the receipt of the deposit to the same E-mail. In that moment the Card is actived. Therefore it will be sended a temporary code PIN to modify to own choise and the contract to sign and to send back to the sender.

Have a good fun

Unicredit Bank
Agency Galatone 3704
IT 32 Y 02008 79660 000020007587


18 Settembre 2007:
Intervista a Luigi Carlino

26 Febbraio 2007:
nuova sezione BUONE NUOVE

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